December 30, 2020

Crow wants me to meditate in the woods

Mountain Lion suggest I teach with authority.

My mother wants me to stay safe. She has not seen my nephew.

Armadillo sending me strength and energy to teach.

Lost lamb woman with a group helped to the light.

Lost lamb woman with a group helped to the light.

Old Dog would like me to meditate in the woods.

Fox with Dancing Feet will be helping me teach.

Bear is assisting with surrogate healing. She would like me to meditate in nature.

June 24, 2019 Recent Drawing

Two Spirits, Coyote #189. 2019

This drawing is made with an assortment of materials that include acrylic paint, oil stick, coffee grounds, matte medium, and spray paint. I am striving to create layers. Some of the marks are intentional and the others are random. I am reminded of amateur food signs at an annual carnival at a local church. It also reminds me of rainbow printed wrestling posters in Richmond, Virginia in the late 1970’s. I wish I had removed the expired posters from the telephone poles.

June 19, 2019. Two Spirits, Monarch

Two Spirits, Monarch Butterfly is the title of this wall panel. The armature is two discarded plastic corrugated political signs from my wife’s recent campaign. Layers of fabric cover the rectangles. I broke a number of needles sewing. I am excited about the rich surfaces.