Laurel is my amazing wife of almost 38 years. She has been an exceptional medium for about two decades. We joined a Spiritualist Church in Michigan City, Indiana for about five years. We helped found a Spiritualist Church in New Troy, Michigan that lasted about seven years.

We now have a closed circle that meets once a week. Usually three women friends join us at the table. Yesterday we gathered. We meet about 6:30 pm. We use the enamel top laundry table that belonged to my mother. We enjoyed numerous communications. My visits included Clear Water. She is a spirit guide. Her message was for me that I will be working more on my emotional healing. She also provided a boost. My second round was a message from my family group in spirit. They also sent me a boost which I can use having ended my second semester as an art teacher. My third visit was by F.A. who is one of my paternal uncles. He flew planes in World War II. His message indicated that my “battle” was over concerning a recent issue. I am most relieved. My last guest from the other side was my best friend, Loren. He supporting my art making and creativity.

Everyone at the table had visits by their respective spirit guides, spirit friends, spirit family, pets, etc. We usually end the session with a big bowl of popcorn and chocolate candy. We have been enjoying this comforting phenomena for about five years in our home.


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